9 Commits (master)

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  James Wheaton 04c28bcbd5 Added bin/cpu, bin/dict, bin/open_mailto.sh 8 anos atrás
  James Wheaton d9fcf5897b Changes to vimrc and zshrc. Added irssi and bluetile 8 anos atrás
  James Wheaton c691d48294 added .vim; now on xubuntu 8 anos atrás
  James Wheaton 90f571d458 delete finally works in zsh omg 9 anos atrás
  James Wheaton d3d0a69f2d fixed fullscreen flash in xmonad :O 10 anos atrás
  James Wheaton dfaad109f6 new archlinux setup with xmonad, uzbl, zsh... 10 anos atrás
  uranther 5e5f92a761 fixed grey that was too dark in terminal color cfg 11 anos atrás
  uranther 3412c2011d ir_black vim colorscheme 11 anos atrás
  uranther 9aeb6cac60 vim, bash, xfce-terminal, uzbl 11 anos atrás